First Timers



We have 2 different class structures available at Undercard;

Strength and Condition, available in our upstairs PT area

Boxing Centric Group Fitness, available in our main room downstairs

INtro Package


$75 FOR 10 DAYS OF TRAINING Includes first pair of wraps and glove rental.

T & C’S Offer for new clients only. No extensions for pack once activated. This offer is for 10 consecutive days of training from the first day you book in.



what you need

For our boxing classes in the main room you’ll need;

  • Wraps (available at the front desk for $15, included in the intro offer)

  • Gloves (Glove rental is available for $2 when you sign in, included in intro offer)

Learn your foundation punches

The class is built around 6 punches; Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Hook, Lead Uppercut, Rear Uppercut. Our trainers will run you through different combinations, teaching technique, helping to build your box conditioning.