WHAT’S IT about?

One soul, two fists, ten rounds under the heat of the orange lights…a workout that will leave you drippin’. Undercard will bring the fire in the form of boxing centric group fitness. 


The workout

Strap up! Ten rounds under the heat of the orange lights, this high intensity workout combines hard punches with treadmill sprints and conditioning to ensure you leave drippin’. Our premium sound system will smash out tunes to fuel your soul and have you throwing hands like a heavy weight champion.


Breaking it down

Undercard, at its’ core, is about throwing punches. A boxing centric workout that incorporates strength and metabolic conditioning. We want you to be a lean, mean fighting machine with killer abs and jabs. 

Undercard is not for the faint hearted. Each high intensity workout is a full body attack. But, as Tupac once bluntly stated, “No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep ya head up, and handle it.”


Our ethos

Boxing based group fitness for anyone and everyone. We are bringing like minded thrill seekers together for a 50 minute sweat session. Unleash your inner champion as you throw hands at our aqua training bags. “Sometimes life can be a heavy load” (Tupac Shakur), leave your frustrations in the room as you box, run, and lift your way to a better you.